Our unique name is taken from the Latin word for Communion, as we are all connected with one another in and through relationship.   Our motto, “It’s More Than A Meal, It’s the Way Back Home” speaks of this desire within us to be connected with others, to be part of a family – to be loved!   As long as we dwell in the sanctuary of another’s heart and they dwell in ours in the Lord we are never alone.  We are in communion!  This wonderful exchange of lovethis connection – is what provides the true sustenance of the human heart and it’s point for going on.

An indispensable aim of paramount importance to our mission is also one of fostering in each person this sense of Communio – to realize that they were not created to be alone as individuals living for themselves, but rather called by God to belong and contribute to a larger body; a family, town, a state, as citizen of a country, of the Universal Church, and to help each one to understand that the human person is relational by nature and will only be fulfilled and find joy by sharing the gifts they have received with others. We wish to instill in the hearts of our beloved cherished family customers the belief and conviction that what they do and the contributions they make to others in society matters and so an essential aspect of this mission is the outreach to the other who needs the help that only we are able to give – the gift of ourselves!  Each one of you are a unique, unrepeatable, and indispensable part in the Christian service of God and neighbor just where you are right now.  Don’t miss the opportunity!
-Father David


It is difficult to describe to someone in words the movements of the heart we experience when entering into the memories we hold most dear to us – waking up on a Sunday morning to the aroma of spaghetti gravy (or sauce) cooking on the stove, the sizzling sound of the meatballs sautéing in the pan, the sweet smell of the onions and savory garlic filling the home.  The delectable taste of the gravy on a piece of Italian bread broken off and dipped in the pot, eyes closed in contemplative delight.  We remember in our body and soul, with all of our senses.  That is why we at Communio use only the best and freshest of ingredients as our grandparents who came to this great country from Europe did before, bringing with them to America the traditions passed on to them.

As you sit down with family and friends for this most special meal I wish for you to be whisked away for a moment, a great magical moment from the concerns of everyday life and to find yourself sitting once again at the far end of your grandmother’s long plastic covered dining room table on a Sunday afternoon in-between your parents and siblings, looking down the long row of aunts, uncles and cousins, bottles of wine and cups of freshly grated cheese spaced evenly between them.  This is a living history or traditionyour living history that is forever now part of your life.  We desire you to cherish with new found joy and appreciation these moments that sustain us, holding them close within your heart with the desire of creating new memories for others!   This spirit of preparing a meal from the heart, a true labor of love for another is inseparable from this family tradition.  We hope now at Communio to become part of your family  tradition, and you to become part of ours!