Good afternoon Fr. David… My wife and I truly enjoyed the Mushroom sauce last evening! Thanks so much for allowing us to try it.
Ron – St. John, IN.

It was so good my son got into the bottle we had saved for my husband’s brother.  I came upstairs and he had opened it and was putting it on nachos.  He loves to put it on anything.   I would definitely pay more for this sauce especially since it’s going for a good cause and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Traci – Frankfort, IL.

Father I just wanted to let you know that my family LOVVVED the spaghetti sauce.  I invited the whole family over for dinner.   I don’t cook so it was easy for me to just warm up and place on the spaghetti.  My kids were eating two and three servings.   Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Rose – Cedar Lake, IN.

Outstanding.  WOW!  What a spaghetti sauce!   Oh is that good.  We’ll take another bottle now.   A perfect blend.  I thought I had some “skills” in the kitchen.  You’re spoiling us.  I put the creole sauce on spaghetti as well, fantastic!  That subtle spiciness, but not too much.
Tony – Chicago Heights, IL.

That’s the best sauce I ever had.  You put such love into what you do and it shows.  I put it on my tortellini and ate till I was stuffed.  I’ve got some leftovers for a few days and I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow at work.
Cheryl – Oswego, IL.

Father, my husband and I ate the sauce for dinner last night.  It was delicious, full-bodied, flavorful, and now – all gone!  Kudos! Thank you and the best of luck.
Dr. Kate –  Madison, WI.

I don’t like mushrooms.  I love these though.  I couldn’t believe it.  What did you do to them?   I kept picking them out of the pot to put on my plate.  That sauce was amazing!   It is so flavorful.   My mother is going to use the leftover tonight on Mexican rice.
Alexis – Chicago Heights, IL.

Damn that’s good.  You da man!  My daughter is 17 going on 30 and is an extremely picky eater.   We waited for her to come home and see if it passed her test.  We really like Emeril’s Sauce.   She loved it!  You passed HER test.   That says a lot.  We will be buying this, and it is for a charitable cause.I gave my son a bottle to take back to Indianapolis.  He called and said he gave it some to his friends – they all want some.  He wants to know how they can get it.  He said it’s better than Emeril’s, cheaper, and goes to help kids.  Father, you won a fan for life!
Dr. Joseph –  Shererville, IN.

I loved your sauce.  It was very, very good.  I invited my two sisters over for dinner and they are critical of everything but they loved this.  I will buy it again.  Love the label.
Roberta – St. John, IN.

That sauce is amazing.  My kids just love it.  Spaghetti or Pizza it doesn’t matter.  We put either of them on the spaghetti.   A great label.  Love the lid (Stetson).
Carolyn – Chicago Heights, IL.

Father I am going to promote this on 5 of my social media sites and in my articles.    I predict this is going to become huge and everybody is going to want this.
Patti Armstrong – The National Catholic Register

Father,  those were the best meatballs I ever ate, and I had them all over the world.  That sauce is perfect.  10 cases will fly off our shelves like nothing.
Frank Schilling – Schilling Lumber & the Shrine of Christ’s Passion

I haven’t had a meal like that since my grandmother’s house back in Pennsylvania!   That’s how she use to make it.  I ate till I was stuffed.  I told myself before the meal that I wasn’t going to overdo it.   I didn’t eat till almost dinner the next day.   My daughter said, “Dad, can Fr. Simonetti come over and cook for us.  It’s better than mom’s.”
Drew Mariani – Relevant Catholic Radio host, “The Drew Mariani Show” AM 950 in Chicagoland. 2-5 pm daily.

A customer who purchased Spaghetti sauce with mushrooms for his sister’s daughter
To his niece:   “This is for you.   Tell your mom this taste just like aunt Mary’s sauce!”
Leon – Dyer, IN.

Hi Father, Thanks for making it a great day at The Shrine! The people certainly loved your sauces. I only wish I would have been smart enough to order twice as much! We will certainly have to do this again. Thanks for everything.
Paul – Manager of the Shrine of Christ’s Passion in St. John, IN.